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What about Silenesafety:

Silenesafety.com provides a glove for any task. Leather, reusable, industrial gloves, and all purpose gloves are just a few of the options available in our wide variety of top-quality gloves. Protecting and improving the performance of working hands is what we do best.

We’re on a mission to make the world’s smartest and most environmentally friendly work gloves using cutting-edge technology, creativity, and a strong commitment to sustainability. While still maintaining excellent dexterity and a secure grip, our new industrial gloves protect delicate electrical devices. This tool is ideal for assembling and maintaining electronic equipment. 

If you go through our assortment of work gloves, you will definitely be able to discover a pair that is an excellent choice for any task. Silenesafety.com being the best industrial gloves supplier create bespoke working gloves in bulk to meet your unique on-the-job requirements. You can avail these offers while staying within your budget. We provide a comprehensive selection of work gloves to meet the needs of businesses in every sector.  

Industrial gloves suppliers offer working gloves in a variety of styles and materials to meet the needs of a wide range of users. We make use of cutting-edge technology to provide long-term solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, and we’re always looking for new ways to enhance the performance and safety of our products. Our goal is to make workplaces safer and healthier for everyone by being the fastest, most sustainable glove companies in the USA.

Our all-purpose gloves are tough enough to handle the toughest jobs. It protects against cold, heat, friction, and pressure. Flexibility and breathability are two additional benefits. Because of these characteristics, silenesafety.com working gloves are an excellent choice.

 Today, safety is of the utmost importance. So, the firm was placed in the safety gloves industry since the globe requires high-quality safety items. It’s a brand synonymous with quality, safety, and confidence. An experienced team of glove company experts is responsible for running the firm and ensuring that it follows the gloves industry standards.

Our goal is to create a work environment that is free of all types of workplace injuries and that is more pleasant for both employees and employers. Due to our commitment to the client’s complete pleasure, we have established a long-term commercial partnership.

Who can benefit from our Services:

Silenesafety.com, the top quality glove companies in US has an online business in the USA. They are offering their friendly services to their No matter where you are based in the world, open our website and place your order and we will be on your doorstep.

The greatest part is that we provide low-cost shipping to our valued consumers, as well as the quickest delivery possible since we never waste our audience’s time. We also provide Click and Collect services to our clients.

On top of that, for versatile application in many industrial and medical domains, we provide durable all-purpose gloves in bulk at wholesale price.  What more to ask when buying in bulk is saving you extra expenses. As a result, our wholesale services make you save a substantial amount of money.

Glove manufacturers make sure to get you a fair deal when purchasing hands on gloves in bulk.

What sets us apart from the competition:

Silenesafety.com stands apart from other online retailers because of the value we provide our consumers. Furthermore, we don’t only provide things at a discount or charge a low shipping fee; we also think forward to our customers’ needs and do thorough research into the products we sell.

Clients may get a sense of the value that each product will bring to their lives by looking at the features and advantages listed on our website. Unlike other market participants, this gloves industry does not give clients idealistic ideas to distract them. As a result, we as industrial glove suppliers provide comprehensive product information to make shopping for our valued consumers as simple as possible.

Above all, we are a one-shop stop glove companies in USA. Here you can easily find a hand apparel of any kind. This quality saves the customers browsing time and brings them to the best website.

Half of the worldwide customers research online using social networks, hence our store is on all social media channels. In addition, we only sell top-quality gloves since we feel that e-true commerce’s worth is not in the “e,” but rather in the commerce itself.

What is Glove:

Gloves are hand-covering garments. They normally contain distinct sheaths or apertures for each thumb and finger.

If there is an aperture but no covering for each finger they are termed fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves with one tiny aperture rather than distinct holes for each finger are frequently termed gauntlets, however, gauntlets are not always fingerless.

Top-quality gloves which cover the whole hand or fist but do not have distinct finger holes are called mittens. It is easier for fingers to retain heat when they are in close touch with each other, and the smaller surface area lowers heat loss. Mittens are warmer than other types made of the same material.

History of Gloves:

Gloves are mentioned in the works of Pliny the Younger, Herodotus, and Leotychides. Women have been using gloves as a fashion statement since the 13th century. Linen and silk were used to make them, and they might occasionally go all the way down to the elbow. Elizabeth I opted for gloves to highlight her beautiful fingertips. In the seventeenth century, elegant women wore gloves made of supple chicken skin.

The pope, bishops, and cardinals wear them as a symbol of their office in the church. In order to wear them, one must attend a church service. Women started wearing long hand appeal in the 17th century when short sleeves became fashionable. Evening and dinner attire of the 1870s was adorned with the buttoned kid, silk, and velvet. Olympic athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos displayed their leather-gloved fists in 1968.

Personal protective gear is in great demand as the 2019 Coronavirus scenario persists. This means that you may have to look for a different kind of glove to fulfill your facility’s requirements.

Gloves are used for a wide variety of purposes across a wide range of sectors. A variety of criteria must be taken into account when determining which materials are most appropriate for your facility in order to choose the best and safest option.

Trustworthy glove company offers top-quality gloves come in many varieties, and not all of them provide the same level of protection in every situation. Thin latex, for instance, are useless in circumstances where punctures or rips are a concern.

The best one for your facility will depend on a variety of parameters, including the ones intended purpose, thickness, tensile strength, flexibility, and puncture and chemical inertness needs.

Benefits of Leather Gloves:

1.They prevent needlestick injuries:

Normal mittens aren’t as effective at protecting your hands from injury as leather mittens, so bust that myth right now. In terms of protection, the material used to manufacture safety hand mitten is superior to the material used to make standard hand mitten. Puncture resistance is ensured by the robust and sturdy construction of these syringes. However, it is critical that you do it correctly.

2. They prevent accidents:

Some commercial workplace accidents are so serious that they might result in the loss of fingers or hands. One of the most typical instruments used to keep employees’ hands safe is a pair of work hand mittens.

Every industry has a large number of high-tech machinery. Destructive components are exposed to individuals who use them. One of their fingers or a hand might be severed due to someone’s carelessness or a piece of malfunctioning equipment.

3. Reduce the risk of skin and chemical burns:

If you want to keep your employees safe and healthy, you need to provide them with high-quality safety gear. In certain cases, they’re subjected to chemical exposure every day. When anything is spilled, it’s possible for it to cause serious burns. There is no need to be concerned about chemical splits while wearing industrial gloves.

4. Keep your hands warm:

It’s not as simple as it sounds to work at a factory. There are instances when they have to deal with a succession of temperature fluctuations that might be difficult for them to handle. Workers may protect their hands from abrupt temperature changes by wearing leather hand gloves.

Fitting instructions for leather gloves:

High-quality leather mittens have a timeless appeal. Everyone enjoys the grip of these mitts on the wheel, their ability to keep your hands warm on chilly days, and the tight yet comfortable fit they provide. Here are a few good reasons to go for work gloves for your winter hand protection.

To ensure that your leather mittens last as long as possible, follow these upkeep instructions:

  • You must first know how to place and remove them correctly. You don’t want to pull too hard while putting them on since it puts unneeded pressure on the seams. Begin by carefully loosening the fingers one by one as you take the mittens off.
  • To maintain the premium leather’s original color, texture, and attractiveness, keep it out of direct sun and dust.
  • If required, use Talcum powder to remove grease stains if they are caused by products containing alcohol or oil.
  • It is important to prevent any potential transfer of color from your hands by not rubbing them on colored surfaces.
  • They should be stored properly on a level surface, carefully placed in the original box, to provide the greatest possible wear and condition over time.

Types of Gloves Material:

1. Work Glove Shell:

The flexibility and comfort of your hands are directly related to the quality of the shell material. Moisture-wicking and durability are also varied across various shells. In addition, a range of shell materials may be found on many gloves, making them useful for a wide range of tasks.

2. Gloves with a Palm Coating:

If you are looking for extra protection for your hands, you may come across numerous sorts of palm coatings on a mitten. Additional layers of protection are provided by these coatings, which keep the material flexible while also increasing its level of safety.

Cuff Types:

These wrist protectors are available in a variety of styles and materials. It’s critical to check your cuff to see whether it’s appropriate for the job at hand, both for safety and convenience.

Selecting a Good Pair:

To guarantee correct use and safety, make careful to measure your hand before purchasing any work gloves. Simply measure the diameter of your hands right below your knuckles to find out the proper size for you and your staff.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about gloves:

1. What are the many kinds of surgical gloves?

The most prevalent forms of disposables are latex, rubber, and vinyl gloves. Each of them is supposed to serve certain jobs while protecting the skin and minimizing cross-contamination yet the amount of protection, warmth, and durability may vary drastically across the many kinds.

2. What kind of mittens should you wear?

If you’re handling alcohol or fuel, neoprene gloves are your best bet. Another alternative is latex rubber, which insulate hands from ketones. Butyl rubber ones can protect against a variety of chemicals, as well as against heat and abrasion. They may also be used in harsh environments.

3. What do you mean by the term “industrial gloves”?

In the food sector, industrial grade or allpurpose gloves are subject to regulation by the FDA because of their potential exposure to food-borne illness. Personal protection for housekeeping and sanitation work as well as non-medical laboratory work is the primary usage of these general-purpose gloves.

4. What are the two most common kinds of work gloves?

  • Chemical Protection Gloves.
  • Thermal Protection Gloves.

5. What is the purpose of nitrile gloves in the workplace?

Nitrile gloves are often used in the workplace to protect workers against chemicals, scratches, and cuts. Neither electric shock nor heat is guarded against. It provides excellent protection against blood-borne diseases and illnesses.

6. What are the types of gloves?

  • Fabric Gloves.
  • Leather Gloves.
  • Metal Mesh Gloves.
  • Cryogenic Gloves.
  • Chemically Resistant Gloves.

7. Why are my fingers still numb even when I’ve put on mittens?

Poorly fitted mittens are a typical cause of chilly hands. Many chilly fingers are caused by wool mittens that are either too big or too small for your hands. Remember that your hands are the source of the heat that keeps a glove warm.

8. How are gloves used to prevent the transmission of germs and disease?

Like a protective covering, they are necessary for preventing direct contact with bacterial infections that are transferred by contact with bodily fluids, such as blood and saliva, contaminated items, and surfaces.

9. Is it allowed to use the same gloves?

If a worker is doing the same operation, it must be replaced every four hours since that’s sufficient enough for germs to grow to deadly levels. Once infected, the mitten must be replaced immediately.


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