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Assembly Grip Gloves

High quality leather working gloves assembly line gloves

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Assembly Grip Gloves 

You know those times when you’re trying to put together a piece of furniture and the instructions say “use gloves for a better grip”? Well, there’s now a product that does that for you! Introducing assembly grip gloves, the newest innovation in the world of home improvement. These gloves are designed to give you a better grip on screws, nails, and other small pieces so that you can put together your furniture with ease. So, if you’ve ever struggled with putting together furniture or other household items, these gloves are for you!

Features & Benefits 

  • Top-quality goat grain leather is used and the best-quality fabric used on the back
  • Keystone thumb style protects against exposures to heat and scratches for flexibility
  • Grain leather on the back of the fingertips protects from hurt.
  • These are industry-aspect valuable gauntlet safety gloves
  • Optimal for manufacturing industry work
  • Velcro design is easily worn and easily removable
  • Used for landscaping a more excellent fit than other gloves
  • Used on back Elastic because in this way Easy from in wear
  • In an erotic pattern easily your fingers can motion
  • Ideal for Industrial, Commercial & Residential Work
  • Assembly grip glove is airy, which is a fit for the hand
  • Weightless & adjustable services gloves for manufacturing work, labor work, house cleaning work

Additional Benefit of Assembly Grip Gloves 

 You must note it:
  • Assembly grip gloves protect hands and arms during the job
  • Hazardous materials in the environment, e.g. chemicals or abrasives
  • Resistance experienced during the job
  • Nature of contact of the hazard
  • Save from high temperature
  • The main advantage of leather gloves is their strength and toughness.
  • Goat grain leather
  • Spandex on back
  • Velcro
  • Elastic wrist
  • With keystone thumb
  • Use fabric on the back of the thumb
 Also Available:

       Goat grain leather, sheep grain leather, cow grain leather, buffalo leather


Small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large

Working and Application:

Maintenance Jobs, growing work, Loading Unloading, Machine repair, Driver, Shipping transportation, automotive maintenance, Automotive engineering, and forming.





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