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best rigger gloves

best rigger gloves Leatherworking is a craft that requires a lot of specialized hand gear. The right gloves can make all the difference in terms of your safety and comfort while you’re working. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best leather rigger gloves, so you can choose the perfect pair for your needs.

What are the best gloves?

Leather rigger gloves are important safety gear for those who work with leather and cables. They protect the hands from cuts and other injuries. The best leather rigger gloves use high-quality, durable materials and construction. They should be comfortable and provide a good grip.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting leather rigger gloves include:

1) Type of Material: Leather is the most common material used in rigging gloves, but other materials such as neoprene or spandex can also be used. Materials vary in price, durability, and grip properties.

2) Fit: The fit of a rigging glove should be snug but not restrictive. Too loose a fit will allow your hand to move around too much, which can lead to accidents. The gloves should also cover the entire hand except for the fingers and thumb.

3) Protection: Rigging gloves should provide adequate protection from cuts and abrasions. They should have reinforced fingers and palms, as well as flexible joints at the knuckles and fingertips so they can bend easily while gripping cables or ropes.

4) Weather Resistance: Leather gloves tend to wear out faster in cold weather than in warm weather, so choose a glove that will tolerate both extremes. Some manufacturers offer multiple sizes to accommodate different hand shapes.

Types of rigger gloves

There are a few types of leather rigger gloves that are popular for use in the construction industry. The most common type is the slip-on style, which allows the user to quickly and easily put on and take off the gloves. They are also comfortable to wear, due to their soft and pliable material. There are also full-finger style gloves available that offer more protection and grip when working with tools. Finally, there are heat-resistant gloves designed specifically for those working in hot environments.

When selecting a leather rigger glove, it is important to consider the specific needs of the job at hand. For example, if you will be using your hands a lot while working, choose a glove that is comfortable and offers a good grip. If you will only be using tools occasionally, then a full-finger-style glove may be more appropriate for you. And finally, if you will be working in an environment with high temperatures, choosing a heat-resistant glove is essential.

How to choose the right gloves

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right leather rigger gloves. The type of glove you need will depend on the type of work you do. For instance, if you are handling heavy loads, you will want a heavier glove. If you are working with delicate materials, you may want a lighter glove.

The other thing to take into account is the climate where you live. In colder climates, it is important to have thicker gloves so that your hands stay warm. In warmer climates, thinner gloves are more practical because they allow your hands to breathe.

Wrist size is also important. Make sure to measure your wrist circumference before buying gloves in order to get the right size. Some manufacturers offer half sizes so be sure to ask for that when making your purchase.

The best rigger gloves reviews

Looking for the perfect leather rigger gloves? Here are our top picks for the best leather rigger gloves available on the market today.

1. Diamond Gloves Leather Rigging Gloves
These Diamond Gloves leather rigging gloves are designed with all of the features you need to be a successful leather rigger. They have reinforced palms and fingers for strength and durability, as well as a snug fit to keep your hands protected from scratch and debris. The custom fingertip design also allows you to easily manipulate ropes and other materials.

2. Lewmar Rigger’s Gloves
Lewmar Rigger’s Gloves are made from high-quality sheepskin leather and are designed to provide maximum protection against scratches and debris while you’re working on deck or in close proximity to moving machinery. They also feature reinforced fingertips for extra grip, adjustable cuffs for a snug fit, and an EVA cushion pad for shock absorption.

3. Harbor Freight Tools Rigger’s Gloves
Harbor Freight Tools Rigger’s Gloves are economic alternatives that still offer good protection against debris and scratches while you’re working on deck or near moving machinery. They are made from durable sheepskin leather with a snug fit that keeps your hands safe from dirt, dust, and grease buildup. The gloves also come with adjustable cuffs so they can be customized to fit your hand perfectly, as well as an EVA cushion pad for shock absorption.


When it comes to leatherworking, having the right gloves is essential. Not only do they protect your hands from harsh conditions, but they also give you a better grip on the material you’re working with. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best leather rigger gloves on the market today so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect pair for your needs.

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