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Fire Fighting Gloves

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What About Fire fighting gloves:

Fire fighting gloves protect hands from friction, fire, and flames. They are often worn when doing firefighting activities such as managing rope and pipes, using tools, and climbing ladders.

Fire gloves are a must-have item for fighting fires. A decent pair of rescue gloves, strategic gloves, or firefighter gloves should always be carried by every firefighter and first responder. Firefighter gloves are a very practical item that is developed specifically for guys who work in mining areas, rescue operations, or other male-dominated occupations.

Some fireman gloves have extra straps. A firefighter glove strap is an additional safety measure that firemen often forget about. Gloves are taken off during a firefight more often than one may think, often to complete dexterity-demanding tasks. Firefighters can operate more nimbly, quickly, and safely because of the Firefighter glove strap freedom.

Advantages of fire fighting gloves:


 They are fire-resistant gloves. More heat and safety may be provided by customized gloves. For instance, gloves made specifically for fire rescuers provide improved heat protection against flame and smoke heat.

High strength:

Fireman gloves are also very strong. There are no questions that rescue workers and armed men who must operate in hazardous environments and handle deadly weaponry feel the need for highly strong handwear.

As a result, the fabric Armor-Tex, which is said to be 15 times stronger than steel of the same thickness, is used by the producers.


The gloves used by firefighters provide some protection against heat and, to a lesser degree, electric current. Gloves made of Immunetex or Nomex are much more fire and electricity-resistant. Therefore, fire gloves are a must for electric and motor engineers as well as fire agencies.


Although these gloves are warm and comfortable, their small weight prevents the user from feeling burdened by them. They are made of a unique substance called Kevlar. It’s a creative creation that guarantees warmth, softness, and thickness without increasing the product’s weight.


Firefighter gloves are flexible yet quite powerful. High-quality fabrics can keep you warm and immune while yet enabling your fingers and hand to move freely. Therefore, mountaineers or rock climbers who cannot risk losing control of their free-flowing fingers choose these gloves.

Different types of firefighter gloves:

Structural firefighting gloves:

The purpose of structural firefighting gloves is to shield the firefighter from the heat strains brought on by battling structural fires within buildings.

To be able to endure coming into touch with potentially harmful structural fire encounters including backdrafts, heat energy transfers, high heat zones, hot steam, and chemicals, they are created from durable materials and cutting-edge technology.

A significant fraction of all fire ground injuries are burns and other hand injuries. For structural firefighting gloves, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) accreditation is necessary. When they get the certification, it indicates that the glove complies with the NFPA regulations.

They may be built from a range of different materials, depending on the fire-fighting gloves manufacturer to offer varying degrees of high chemical safety as well as be resistant to sharp things. To guard against holes, cuts, and abrasions, they need to feature cut-resistant palm, side, thumb, and finger panels.

Wildland fire gloves:

Firefighters who are dispatched to battle wildland fires, often in rural areas, use wildland firefighting gloves. Given that battling wildland fires differs greatly from fighting structure fires, the gloves are made in a manner that can protect you from intense heat.

Wildland firefighters are aware of the value of donning the proper protective gear and clothing to prevent harm and illness, particularly heat stress, which is brought on by a high level of physical exertion while performing fire suppression operations in hot and dry or hot and humid conditions.

Extreme heat, mist, sharp objects, and all other threats experienced during firefighting operations out on the line must be taken into consideration while designing wildland firefighter gloves.

During ordinary firefighting, the gloves should be specifically made to guard against sores, scrapes, scratches, and mild burns. We utilize full-grained cowhide suede leather for our wildland firefighting gloves.

Dragon fire gloves:

Dragon fire gloves are thinner, softer, and provide the best thermal protection. The heat protection of dragon fire gloves is due to the soft leather. These are fire-resistant gloves.

Extrication or USAR gloves:

Extrication or USAR gloves are another kind of glove often used by firemen and other first responders. In automobile accidents, they help with extrication. All different kinds of automobile accidents occur in these MVAs, and victims must be rescued from these MVA situations.

Due to the severity of some of these MVAs, firefighters and other first responders need to be covered against punctures, scratches, and wounds. These gloves have to have liquid resistance against substances that are often found in emergencies, such gasoline, battery acid, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and physiological fluids.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

People usually asked many questions about “fire fighting gloves”, some of the related questions are given below:

What is modacrylic in fire gloves?

The thermal lining of gloves is often made of the flame- and heat-resistant synthetic polymer knit material known as modacrylic. The thermal barrier may alternatively be made of Kevlar or Nomex.

What is firefighting?

Firefighting is the act of trying to control and put out big uninvited flames in homes, automobiles, and forests. To save people, property, and the environment, firefighters put out fires.

Can firefighter gloves survive extreme heat?

Nomex is a material used often in firefighter gloves. It can endure temperatures of up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit because of its flame resistance,

Why choose us?

Our fire fighting gloves company provides varieties that are durable, robust, and reliable so you may use them in challenging conditions with complete assurance. Our gloves provide complete protection, are agile and tactile, and are lightweight and dexterous to fight and withstand fires.

Our fire fighting agency knows how important having excellent hand protection is, particularly in harsh conditions. Therefore we use the most durable leathers and aramid materials, all of which are produced to stringent standards.


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